Let me begin by first stating: this movie had definite potential. Too bad it didn't live up to that said potential.

Was it a Bad Movie ... no. Was it a good movie ... no. So, in conlusion. See it at your own risk. I wouldn't recommend sitting too close to the screen if you do go - it was shot really crappy and way too close. They blew their load on being able to use up space with close up action sequences.

That is where the Hulk succeeded - the action shots were great, but this movie abused it's main catch factor - ACTION. It is cinematic garbage, with a very appropriate cast and storyline.

In conclusion ... this movie had potential, it just didn't live up to it.



This movie had everything I wanted it to. 'Splosions, guns, outlandish characters, Sean Connery, and 'splosions. Despite what the Roon feels, I was thouroughly entertained by this movie- the plot was pretty good (I was completely shocked at one twist about halfway through), the action was sweet (though a bit too close-shot), and the special effects were on point. This is one of the top five movies I've seen this year (the others being- in no particular order: Matrix:Reloaded, X-Men 2, Equilibrium-on video, and Donnie Darko- also on video.)

So, yeah. Go see the League. It's worth every penny.