Roonas, during the course of the comic, has only smoked 6 cigarettes.


The word "Crap" has been said 53 times within the pages of the comic. "Criminy" has been said 13 times, and "Cripes" rings in with 8 utterances. (As well as 2 instances of "Nut Bunnies")

**Last Updated: 3/16/03


Roonas seems to be the only person who realizes he's in a comic. Demonstrated here, here, here, and here. (Maybe Bob and Sid aren't totally out of the loop. here and here.)


Roonas, Sid, and Bob have walked through, fallen out of, and rocketed into a total of 9 portals created by the Sacred Medallion.


Here's a cameo of a famous comic character. We'd tell you who he is, but we'd probably get sued. (hint: It ryhmes with "HOBO")


Bob doesn't hate "The Man."


Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in the Star Wars trilogy, said This Page was "pretty funny" when Bob asked him to sign it at a comic book convention.


Bob, Roonas, and Sid knew these guys in college.

We love 'em!!


The boys have only introduced themselves 3 times in the comic- to Crust, Diego, and the members of TOTEM. Everyone else just seemed to know their names.

FACT #10

All of the guys seem to be ambidextrous.

(Really- check it)

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